Hannah Litt


Hannah is an award-winning social justice activist and a justice equity diversity inclusion and anti-racism senior leader. She is also a keynote speaker and is about to launch her long-awaited podcast.

Her experience spans across industries such as Automotive, Construction, Retail, Financial Services and Technology. Working with some of the largest organisations in the world to start up organisations, Hannah has driven transformation and change through her unique human people-centric approach to antiracism, EDI and decolonisation.

Having been credited as a Top 50 Influential Muslim in Europe for 2022 and 2023, nominated for 2024, and nominated for the National Diversity Award for Race, Religion, and Faith for 2023 and 2024, Hannah always ensures that her work has an impact.

Hannah is a South Asian, Muslim Woman from the East African Diaspora with ADHD, OCD, and several hidden disabilities which allows her to combine her lived experience with her long-standing strategic knowledge in people-led functions and employee experience.

She has featured in several podcasts, and panels and delivered keynotes about intersectional neurodiversity, disability antiracism, islamophobia and creating more intersectional inclusive cultures in the workplace. She has also contributed to Matt Phelan’s book “The Happiness Index book – Why Today’s Emotions Contribute to Tomorrow’s Success”

Hannah has shared her struggle with her diagnosis of ADHD as a Muslim woman of the Global Majority with disabilities and is now striving to make changes for a more inclusive and equitable space for neurodivergent people of the Global Majority in the workplace and beyond, by creating awareness and driving change in systems and processes where neurodivergent people of the Global Majority are most impacted but not included in the conversation or change.


Day 1
July 24, 2024
3:25 pm

Panel Discussion E: Diverse Minds, Inclusive Spaces: Embracing Neurodiversity Together

24 July
Time:  3:25 pm - 4:05 pm

In this session, our panelists will explore the full spectrum of neurodiversity and its importance in fostering inclusive environments. From understanding different neurotypes to promoting acceptance and accommodation, we'll explore how organisations can create supportive spaces that celebrate the unique strengths and talents of neurodiverse individuals.

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