Shauna Roper

Director, Head of Inclusion
Global Functions HSBC Bank, Global

Shauna Roper is a values-driven JEDI (Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion) thought leader, setting an exemplary standard of love-based leadership. She has been with HSBC for 15 years spanning across both Global Business lines and Functions across multiple geographies. With an unwavering commitment to her values and principles, she has consistently made a profound impact in the field of Financial Services, leading in her own skin. She is 2nd generation Windrush and believes her culture has been a key influence in shaping her values, behaviours and work ethic. Within HSBC she is one of the Founders of BLAAC (Black Leaders, Action & Advisory Counsel) and is the founder and Co-Chair of the Black female leadership programme, EmpowHER, which was designed to amplify Black Heritage women across the UK. Externally she supports a number of forums that discuss tackling systemic racism and inequalities relating to the youth and young adults and serves as a mentor to youth and adults across the community. Her deep understanding of the industry’s nuances positions her well to guide others on navigating barriers blocked by bias and this knowledge has been the bedrock upon which she has built transformational change.

Here’s a glimpse of her remarkable journey:

Building an Inclusive Empire:

Shauna is one of the Founders of HSBC BLAAC (Black leaders, Action & Advisory Council), which was formed following a collective of shared experiences, frustrations and observations, in the wake of George Floyds murder in 2020 by both Black employees and Allies, who in their separate verticals had been working for years to help HSBC diversify and improve its workforce and culture. Identifying the power of coming together, the BLAAC group formed with a purpose to support the HSBC Executive group to respond to world events relating to racist discrimination and address the challenges of systemic racism within HSBC.

Shauna Roper is the Co-chair of the over-subscribed EmpowHER programme designed for Black Heritage women across the UK. Reaching c.30% of Black Heritage Women in its first 6 months, this programme seeks to amplify Black Heritage women to position themselves for career opportunities, equip them with the tools to help navigate potential race and gender bias whilst providing a safe space to learn, grow, network, and excel. Her dedication to ensuring diverse perspectives at all levels has reshaped the very fabric of the organisation.

Storytelling for Change and Creative Visionary:

A masterful storyteller, Shauna Roper leverages the power of narrative to inspire and influence cultural change. Shauna’s creative and imaginative thinking consistently leads to ground-breaking, out-of-the-box solutions that others can only aspire to. Her stories along with others led to the creation of the Award winning Immersive DEI learning program, In Their Shoes, which was created in the wake of George Floyd, to educate others on the lived experience of Black Heritage employees in the workplace.

Voice of the Unheard:

Shauna is not content with the status quo and gives voice to those often overlooked through building out innovative programmes and events that capture the employee sentiment to address culture pain points, amplifying the intersectional perspectives of the unheard. This dedication has created a more inclusive and equitable environment, empowering others to speak up and listen up, seeing her voted as Inspirational Leader in 2023 by the Ethnic minority employee resource group in 2023.

Impact Made:

Through her visionary leadership, Shauna has been recognised as Top 25 Black female trailblazers in Corporate UK for 2023 and Top 75 DEI influencer across EMEA in 2022. Her tireless dedication to justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion has not only reshaped the workplace culture but has also inspired countless others to follow suit. The impact of her work reaches far and wide extending beyond the workplace, making her a true advocate for change in the community. Inclusion isn’t a job it’s her lifestyle. Her purpose is to create a more equitable and inclusive world for all starting from grassroots in Education right the way through to the C-Suite.

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