Dr. Asif Sadiq MBE

Chief DEI Officer
Warner Bros. Discovery

Asif Sadiq has been credited with impactful global Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion activities and programs across organisations, that have created a strong sense of belonging for all and resulted in truly diverse workplaces. He has been key in building synergies between internal and external D&I efforts within organisations, ensuring diversity and inclusion are embedded in all elements of a business, resulting in innovative, creative, and inclusive products and services.
He is a Multi-Award Winning Diversity and Inclusion expert with a proven track record in DE&I and Social Impact, being listed as one of the most influential Global D&I Leaders by Hive Learning, the CIPD’s Top 20 Power list, and a LinkedIn Influencer.


Day 1
July 24, 2024
10:15 am

Opening Keynote: DEI in Flux: Adapting and Sustaining Momentum in a Changing World

Main Stage: Learning Hub
24 July
Time:  10:15 am - 10:50 am
Location:  Main Stage: Learning Hub
Speaker:  Dr. Asif Sadiq MBE

Dr. Asif Sadiq MBE, of Warner Bros. Discovery, delivers the opening Keynote address. With his profound insights and expertise, Dr. Sadiq will guide us on a journey from Diversity to Unity, illuminating the path towards crafting a DEI roadmap for global transformation.

12:10 pm

Panel Series D: Leading Boldly: Embracing Inclusive Leadership to Transform Lives, Organisations and Communities

24 July
Time:  12:10 pm - 1:00 pm
Location:  LH017

Join us as we explore innovative approaches and strategies employed by leaders worldwide to foster diversity, equity, and inclusion in their organisations. From embracing diverse perspectives to dismantling barriers, our panelists will share their insights, experiences, and best practices for leading boldly in today's diverse and dynamic global landscape.

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