Kat François

Poet in Residence

Kat François is a Performance and Movement based Artist, Writer and Educator, Writing and Performance Coach.

BBC TV and World Poetry Slam Champion.

Kat has appeared on BBC Radio 4’s Front Row, Saturday Live and Woman’s Hour, as well as BBC TV & Sky, and featured on BBC television’s Paul Whitehouse: Our Troubled Rivers.

Kat François has written and performed two solo plays and three solo comedy shows.

She recently won a short story competition, and her piece, INDIGO WATERS, is featured in HIDDEN REALMS, SHORT STORIES, published by Flame Tree Publishing.

RAISING LAZARUS, her play about Caribbean soldiers in the First World War, has also just been published (TSL Publications.)

She has had numerous poems published in anthologies and is currently working on her first full collection. She is also working on a young adult novel, a children’s picture book, and a children’s poetry collection.

Kat François has a long history of directing and devising theater with and for young people and children.

Kat François teaches poetry and creative writing across the UK and internationally, in person and online, incorporating group classes, or bespoke classes for individual clients, covering writing and performance skills as well as Writing for Wellbeing.

She currently runs weekly adult creative writing classes, CREATIVE JUICES.

Kat is a qualified Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor and has a degree in dance. She is also an educational consultant for PHSE.


Day 1
July 24, 2024
10:10 am

Spoken Word Performance with Poet in Residence, Kat Francois

Main Stage: Learning Hub
24 July
Time:  10:10 am - 10:15 am
Location:  Main Stage: Learning Hub
Speaker:  Kat François

Immerse yourself in the power of poetry as award-winning spoken word artist Joelle Taylor takes to the stage to deliver a captivating performance. Prepare to be moved and inspired by Joelle's dynamic words and thought-provoking storytelling, adding a touch of artistry and creativity to the festival agenda.

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