María del Mar Galcerán Gadea

Corts Valencianes (Spain)

María del Mar Galcerán Gadea is a Spanish politician who has been a member of the Corts Valencianes, the legislature of the Valencian Community, since 14 September 2023. A member of the People’s Party (PP), Galcerán is the first Spanish regional legislator with Down syndrome.

As a member of the Corts, Galcerán hopes to help eliminate prejudice in society, saying, “I want people to see me as a person, not just for my disability.”Her appointment was celebrated by Carlos Mazón, the President of the Valencian Government, who described it as “great news for politics, overcoming barriers.


Day 2
July 25, 2024
9:50 am

Fireside Chat - Breaking Barriers and Championing inclusivity with Maria de Mar Galceron Gadea

MAIN STAGE: Learning Hub
25 July
Time:  9:50 am - 10:20 am
Location:  MAIN STAGE: Learning Hub

Join us for a Fireside Chat featuring Maria de Mar Galceron Gadea, a trailblazer in championing inclusivity. As the first politician with Down Syndrome to enter the Corts Valencianas, Maria's journey is one of courage, resilience, and inspiration. Engage in a compelling conversation as Maria shares her experiences, insights, and vision for breaking barriers and fostering a more inclusive society for all.

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